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Unique Marzipan figures from Kiev

Have you ever heard about the sugar sculptors? With Marzipretti sugar art has obtained a new flavor, since to create your masterpieces we use the royal confection - Marzipan. Welcome a new approach of the unique presenting: hand made, delicious, cute, healthy and beautifully packed! All our figurines are hand made in Kiev, Ukraine. We apply an individual approach to every creation and have a natural food color collection for the smallest candy boys and girls.
About me

Sugar art was love from the first sight!

The idea of Marzipan atelier came when I was playing with Marzipan plasticine brought from Europe-Trip. By that moment I have taken a number of sculpture lessons and fell in love with the modeling process. So it began: books, master classes, lots of practice, the amazing world of sugar art. There was just one thing that stopped me – the sugar paste in which the world sweet art lives, didn’t taste me. I was looking for something new for Ukraine, delicious and healthy. That is when I decided to pick Marzipan (by the way, it’s one of my favorite sweets). Along with the creative studies I experimented with the natural food colors. Lots of taste tests, surprises and fails enabled Marzipretti to create the fruit-painted figurines. The creative way goes on and now together with the sweet presents at Marzipretti you can find the unique treats, such as marzipan-cherry dumplings, basil and blueberry marzipan, etc

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Yuliya Mikhaylichenko

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